2015 Annual Parish Meeting

Annual Parish Meeting of St. George’s Church was held on Sunday, March 8, following the Divine Liturgy and coffee hour.
Many of the parish members were present at the meeting and the Rector, Archpriest Igor Tarasov presided. Church Warden, Olga Roussanow read the minutes of the last Annual Meeting held in 2014. The Rector reported on financial situation. He informed that although church attendance became higher, parish income in the year 2013 was considerably lower than in the previous year. It is due to the fact that two our long-time parishioners and donors missed many church services and did not send their donations. Although our expenses were almost the same, we had a deficit. Parishioners and sponsors could not cover our spending. Fr. Igor recommended again that Parish should introduce some principles of stewardship and that parishioners should plan their contributions for the church needs. However, this could be difficult to some parish members due to financial hardships in today’s times of economic crisis. At least, it is expected that those parishioners who miss the church services should send their donations by mail.

Following the discussion of financial situation it was pointed out that Parish Treasurer should seek more efficient ways of performing her duties. It had been proposed that Valentina Dron will remain on the position of the Treasurer and will work more closely with the Rector. Such proposal was supported by all present members of the Parish.
Considering difficult financial situation it had been also decided to raise parish dues to $100 to be paid twice a year in $50 installments.
Olga Roussanow raised a question regarding possible floor replacement in the church. Parishioners found such project favorable. However, due to the lack of funds it was decided that the project could be started only if the funds for that purpose will be raised.