Feast of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul

On July 12th, on the feast of the Holy Major Apostles Peter and Paul, the Rector of St. George Church served the Divine Liturgy.
After the reading of the Gospel Fr. Igor preached a short homily in English, and after the Liturgy dismissal he repeated his sermon in the Russian language. He pointed out that although Holy Apostles Peter and Paul were two very different men who had a number of disagreements regarding pastoral matters and ways of preaching the Gospel, they both were united in the same faith, the faith of Christ and of the Apostles. “That same faith was expressed by St. Peter in today’s Gospel lesson. When our Lord Jesus Christ asked His Disciples who they think He is, Simon Peter answered: ‘You are the Christ, the Son of the living God’. This was the right answer. This was the true faith held by the Apostles. And due to that faith the Lord said to St. Peter that on this rock He will build His Church, so the gates of hell will not prevail against it. Simon’s faith was firm and solid like a rock. Thus Simon acquired the new name – Peter meaning ‘the Rock’”
Fr. Igor also discussed the wrong interpretation of that Gospel passage done by Roman Catholics. They find here a clear confirmation of their teaching that the bishop of Rome being the successor of St. Peter must have the power over the Church and is supposed to be the head of the Universal Church. We, Orthodox, do not agree with such a simplistic interpretation. The Church of Christ is built upon all the Apostles and upon their faith expressed by St. Peter. And the Head of the Church is our Lord Jesus Christ Himself. And He wishes now to build His Church on us, its members, and on our firm faith. “Let us then keep and cherish our holy Orthodox faith and let us pray that our Lord Jesus Christ through the prayers of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul may preserve us in that faith and piety!” – finished his sermon Fr. Igor.