Vera Koretz Funeral service


On Thursday, December 27, the Rector of St. George Church, Archpriest Igor Tarasov performed a Burial service for the newly-departed parishioner Vera Koretz.

Unfortunately, the family of the deceased requested only a short and “simple” service at the cemetery.  The Rector advised the family that every Orthodox Christian of good standing, especially such a distinguished parishioner as Vera, deserves a proper funeral which would include bringing the body to the temple and performing all burial and memorial services according to the pious traditions of the Orthodox Church. However, despite the priest’s suggestions, members of the decedent’s family insisted on a short service at the grave.

The internment took place at the Evergreen Cemetery in Brooklyn. Archpriest Igor Tarasov and our Warden and Choir Director, Olga Roussanow arrived there and performed an abbreviated Burial office.

Following the service Fr. Igor preached a brief sermon pointing out that the very name of the newly-departed, Vera, meant “faith”. Faith is very important in our life. Even a secular person needs faith to believe in himself or in his loved-ones. A religious person needs faith to believe in God and in eternal life. Vera lived according to her faith in God, so, as we hope, she may receive her reward in eternity. Now, we who are still living this earthly life, need faith to prepare for the life everlasting waiting for us. In conclusion, Fr. Igor also expressed his deepest sympathy to the Vera’s family.