St. George needs to replace windows

St. George Church needs to replace the windows of the temple. Here is the text of our appeal letter to all our friends. We need your help.

October 21, 2012

 Dear Friends!

In 1924, the St. George Church began its life in Bayside.  As you most probably know, the construction of the church building was never completed to display its planned design primarily due to hard economic times, the World War and numerous mundane problems and factors.  Nonetheless, what remained of this original structure now more than ever is in need of maintenance and repairs.
Previously, we have turned to you on several occasions and asked for your participation in the upkeep undertaking.  We now again turn to you for your kind and generous contributions.
At present, six windows need to be replaced.  These windows are of the original wood framed construction.  The frames over the years have deteriorated to such a condition that it is inadvisable to even attempt to open any one of them for the fear of safety.  After acquiring several estimates for this undertaking, we tentatively awarded the replacement project to Village Home Improvements, Inc. at a moderately low cost of $3,500.
The windows will have thermal glass which will to some extent shield the interior of the building from cold and dampness.  And with the harsh winter weather approaching, the new windows will be a welcome acquisition.
We hope for your kind and generous responses and assistance.

Please send your donations to:
Rev. Priest Igor Tarasov
19 Elizabeth Way
, New York 11961

Sincerely yours in Christ,
St. George Parish Family