Sunday after the Nativity

On January 13th, on Sunday after the Nativity priest Igor Tarasov celebrated Divine Liturgy at St. George Church. On this day the Church commemorates holy relatives of our Lord Jesus Christ, namely St. Joseph the Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary, kong David and St. James, brother of the Lord.
Following the reading from the Gospel Fr. Igor preached a homily about the Saints commemorated on this special Sunday. He especially dedicated his sermon to St. Joseph who was the head of the Holy Family, of the household where our Lord Jesus was born as a man and where the Savior was raised. St. Joseph had a great faith and trust to God, so he accepted his wife Mary being with the child. He further took care of the Mother of God and of the Infant Jesus. St. Joseph protected the Holy Family, protected Jesus. Thus he protected our Savior and the Church. Every Christian man who has a family should imitate St. Joseph in his fidelity to God and family and in his care of the household.

“We should also remember that through Jesus Christ who became man, we became the members of His Family, His household. Thus we should strive to be the worthy members of such a family, so the Lord may accept us into eternal life” – finished Fr. Igor.
After the Liturgy Fr. Igor wished the parishioners a happy New Year, since its celebration according to our calendar is coming tomorrow.
Our parish Warden and Cantor Olga Roussanow congratulated Fr. Igor on the occasion of his coming birthday, and presented the Rector with a greeting card signed by parishioners. The choir sang “Many years” to our pastor.
Celebration continued at our common trapeza.