2021 Annual Parish Meeting


The Annual Parish Meeting of St. George Church was held on Sunday, March 7, 2021, following the Divine Liturgy. Parish Rector, Archpriest Igor Tarasov presided.

Church Warden, Olga Roussanow read the minutes of the last Annual Meeting held in 2020.

The Rector, Archpriest Igor Tarasov had a speech. He made some introduction stating that the last year was difficult because of the pandemic. Our church was closed for a month in April. However, later we began to function and we have got 3 new parishioners. And all of them are very active.

Then the Rector reported on financial situation. He stressed that in the last year our parish received a number of generous donations that made its revenue higher than in the past year. Most of them were made by some of our new generous parishioners. In addition, we collected special donations for the renovations in our temple. Those renovations were made and the new floor installed in the altar and ambo area. But the cost was totally covered by some benefactor, so the parish did not spend anything on the renovations. For that reason the said renovations were not even indicated in the financial report. That assistance does not mean that our parishioners should not generously support the church. We know that some of them did offer their time, labor and assistance in performing different parish activities, for which we all should be grateful. But financially members of the church should still be active in supporting it.

After accepting the financial report, the parishioners discussed the election of the parish Treasurer. For several years the duties of the Treasurer were temporarily performed by the Rector. At this point the Rector proposed to elect our new but very active parishioner, Emilian Suric, to become the Treasurer. That proposal was unanimously supported and Mr. Suric was elected.

The Rector and the Warden then reminded the parishioners of their duty to pay the parish dues of 2021. Several members made their membership contributions right away.

It has been brought to the members’ attention that our church would need a person supervising the sale of candles. After some discussion, Phoebe Ching-Huei Li volunteered for that obedience.

Having discussed some other matters the meeting was adjourned.