Annual Parish Meeting

Annual Parish Meeting of St. George’s Church was held on Sunday, February 17, following the Divine Liturgy. Many of the parish members were present at the meeting and the Rector, priest Igor Tarasov presided. Church Warden, Olga Roussanow read the minutes of the last Annual Meeting held in 2012. Due to the absence of the Parish Treasurer Vera Koretz, the Rector reported on financial situation. He informed that although parish income in the year 2012 was relatively high, we had a deficit. It was due to the high expenses, especially connected with renovations done in the church building. The windows were replaced and that project cost us $3,200. Our parishioners and sponsors could not cover those expenses with their contributions. Fr. Igor recommended that Parish should introduce some principles of stewardship and that Parish members should plan their contributions for the church needs. Some other parish issues were discussed.
Same persons were elected for the leadership positions in the Parish. Olga Roussanow was re-elected as the Church Warden and Vera Koretz as Treasurer.